Engineering Contracts & Architecture

Large and complex building projects as well as an increasing need for renovations of existing buildings pose many challenges for architects, engineers and project managers. Today, compliance with time schedules and budgets, in addition to reasonable planning, are the key factors of successful project completion. Private and institutional landowners attach great importance to reliable cost calculation, professional schedule management, and careful construction supervision.

At the same time, the parties involved in a project are expected to have legal skills.

Successful collaboration between the parties involved in a building project begins with the drafting of a project-specific contract. Such a contract should clearly define critical issues such as the deliverables, limitation of liability, or copyright.

Liability is an important issue for all parties involved in the project. Therefore, the parties have to clearly define their responsibilities and consider reasonable insurance. The HOAI regulations often play an important role in this context, in particular if the parties define the deliverables in accordance with the specifications provided by these regulations. We provide professional advice and navigate the maze of new provisions added to the HOAI 2009 and, most recently, to the HOAI 2013.